Frederick York Wolseley arrived in Melbourne in 1854 and worked on his brother-in law’s sheep station for five years before himself acquiring an interest in several sheep stations. He started development of a shearing machine in 1868. R.P. Park joined him in the venture in 1874, and in 1885 Wolseley arranged public demonstrations and set up a company to make the machine.

The picture shows the Toganmain woolshed in New South Wales where Wolseley’s machine was demonstrated in 1887. In 1888 15 machines were installed there. Eventually there were 55 machine stands of which 21 are still used.

In 1889 Wolseley returned to England where he set up the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Company in Birmingham. Four years later, Herbert Austin, foreman of the Park engineering works in Melbourne, which had manufactured the shearing machines, joined him as production manager

In 1895 Austin designed and made the first Wolseley car at the Birmingham works and in 1905 established his own car manufacturing company at Longbridge near Birmingham.