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ASHET News has been published four times a year since January 2008. Each issue includes at least one feature article. This is a list of all of them. Most of the articles have been written by the editor of ASHET News, Ian Arthur. Where another person is the author of an article their name is shown following the title of the article.

Past issues can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of the page.

ASHET News January 2008

  • Changes in library technology
  • John Tebbutt, Ken Beames and their observatories

ASHET News April 2008

  • Lithgow’s Small Arms Factory: by Tony Griffiths

ASHET News July 2008

  • Broken Hill

ASHET News October 2008

  • The Velocette motorcycle by Dennis Quinlan

ASHET News January 2009

  • A career in cereal chemistry: Sam Marshall talks to Ian Arthur

ASHET News April 2009

  • 1959: Australia enters the jet age

ASHET News July 2009

  • Shooting through; Sydney by tram
  • Book review: A History of Sydney’s Darling Harbour by Wayne Johnson and Roger Parris

ASHET News October 2009

  • The earliest engineering societies in Australia

ASHET News January 2010

  • Sydney University Engineering Society and its first President, Professor William Warren

ASHET News April 2010

  • David Scott Mitchell and the Mitchell Library
  • 100 years of Australian currency

ASHET News July 2010

  • John Duigan flight celebration in July 2010
  • The University of New South Wales and its Engineering School: the early years

ASHET News October 2010

  • Warragamba Dam: 50 years old

ASHET News October 2010

  • Australia’s first materials testing machine by Ian Bowie

ASHET News January 2011

  • Book review: Not just a wide brown land: urban planning in Australia
  • Twenty years ago; Nyngan’s biggest flood

ASHET News April 2011

  • Patenting Australia’s Colonial Technology

ASHET News July 2011

A short history of fibro-cement in Australia

ASHET News October 2011

  • Industries in New England

ASHET News January 2012

  • Opals and the Australian opal industry

ASHET News April 2012

  • Very modern history: organ and tissue transplants

ASHET News July 2012

  • Hedley Williams, farmer, and his collection of old farm machines

ASHET News October 2012

  • Car manufacturing at Victoria Park Sydney; book review by Ian Arthur
  • The New Guinea Goldfields between the wars by Michael Waterhouse

ASHET News January 2013

  • The automatic totalisator and its inventor, George Julius
  • Timber Truss Bridges of NSW

ASHET News April 2013

  • Printing the news in country New South Wales

ASHET News July 2013

  • International Technology History Societies

ASHET News October 2013

  • University of Sydney’s Warren Centre celebrates thirty years

ASHET News January 2014

  • Aviation 100 years ago
  • Frank Hornby: inventor of Meccano and other toys

ASHET News April 2014

  • ASHET projects:
  • Timber Truss Bridges Project
  • Lightning Ridge project
  • History of Unilever at Balmain
  • Pies project

ASHET News July 2014

  • Margarine: Australia’s most controversial food product

ASHET News October 2014

  • Henry Deane, railway engineer

ASHET News January 2015

  • Escape to Newcastle: What we saw and some of what we could not see

ASHET News April 2015    

  • 1915: an important year for BHP, Newcastle, and Australia

ASHET News July 2015       

  • Nuclear Energy and Australia: Part 1

ASHET News October 2015    

  • Nuclear Energy and Australia: Part 2

ASHET News January 2016

  • Lawrence Hargrave: Father of Powered Flight, Michael Adams

ASHET News April 2016

  • A Brief History of Packaging

ASHET News October 2016

  • NSW government plans to move Powerhouse Museum from Ultimo to Parramatta

ASHET News January 2017

  • Update on the future of the Powerhouse Museum

ASHET News April 2017

  • History in the Making : Electric Cars

ASHET News July 2017

  • Time for a National Aviation Museum?

ASHET News October 2017

  • Making Cars in Australia

ASHET News January 2018

  • Technology and Agriculture in Australia


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