meat pie


ASHET has received a heritage grant from the commonwealth government to assist with this project and undertake research and produce a visual display telling the story of meat pie making in Sydney.

The origin of the project was a report found in the archives of the Royal Australian Historical Society. It was a detailed feasibility study made in 1963 for Unilever on that company entering the business of making meat pies in Sydney. At that time there were around 50 million meat pies being made annually in Sydney with over 90 per cent produced on an industrial scale by four major manufacturers and most of the rest by six smaller manufacturers. By comparison a tiny number of meat pies were made by local bakeries and pastry cooks.

Since then most of the smaller manufacturers have disappeared and the four majors have combined through a series of takeovers and mergers into one company that trades under the name Sargents with a factory in Colyton in Sydney’s west. Most of the pies it makes these days are frozen.

The project is due for completion in November 2014.