ASHET  is the Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology. It is a non-profit society, incorporated in the state of New South Wales.

Its objects are to encourage and promote community interest and education in the history of engineering and technology in Australia. It is a national society, with members throughout Australia, though at present a majority of the members are in Sydney, where the society was formed in 2003.

Management Committee

A management committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The current office bearers and committee members are as follows:

PresidentRobert Renew
Vice PresidentDavid Craddock
TreasurerEric Metzke
SecretaryMari Metzke
Committee MembersElizabeth Roberts
Paul Szacsvay
Ian Arthur

ASHET Office Bearers and Committee

Robert Renew, President. Rob recently retired from a position as Senior Curator with the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney. He has special interests in the history of engineering innovation, and the use of natural resources.

David Craddock, Vice President. He is a Past President of the Royal Society of New South Wales and is a member of the Hornsby and District Historical Society. He has a special interest in the history of aeronautics in Australia, and is the author of several books and papers on the subject.

Mari Metzke, Secretary. Mari retired in 2012 from the position of Manager of the Royal Australian Historical Society, a position she had held since 2005. Before that she had held the position of Outreach Officer of the Society for 18 years. She also has a long-term involvement in the Hornsby and District Historical Society.

Eric Metzke, Treasurer, is a foundation member of ASHET. He is a retired electrical engineer who specialised in electronic controls for power systems. His special interests include Australian and military history, the Boy Scout movement in which he served as a Scoutmaster for many years, and outback travel, to which he can devote more time now that he is retired.

ASHET Constitution

When ASHET was formed, it adopted a Constitution based on the standard rules for a non-profit association incorporated in New South Wales. Click here to download a copy of the Constitution.

Guidelines for Groups

ASHET encourages the formation of local and special interest groups. The management committee has approved a set of guidelines for groups. To view and download a copy of the guidelines for groups click here.